Studio Will Dutta is the creative everything of Will Dutta: a parade of artistic invention, playback and research.

We have a restless inventiveness for the how, why and way we make sound. We create imaginative situations for playback where place and its absence, before and now meet and our original thinking puts us at the frontier.

From the beginning in 2007, we have continually sought out inquisitive and inspiring creators and given them the space to make audacious new work. We have presented over 300 performances in the UK and internationally and the Studio publishes a growing range of records, books and research that stretches across media and time. We are anchored to East Kent.

Striking projects include Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra — this now iconic work has received over 70 performances worldwide, including televised broadcasts at the BBC Proms, and two award-winning albums on Nonclassical and Signum Classics — and the concert production of Nick Lloyd-Webber and James D. Reid’s musical, The Little Prince, narrated by the BAFTA and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Hugh Grant at the Abu Dhabi Festival.

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  1. Will Dutta, bloom LIVE by Michael R Williams, 2017 © Michael R Williams
  2. Reeps One Venezuela Tour by British Council, 2013 © British Council
  3. Songs for a Better Future by Matei Bejenaru, 2010 © Matei Bejenaru
  4. Tim Exile, Village Underground by Howard Melnyczuk, 2013 © Howard Melnyczuk
  5. DJ Yoda and Heritage Orchestra by Dan Stevens, 2007 © Dan Stevens
  6. Blank Canvas, Village Underground by Howard Melnyczuk, 2013 © Howard Melnyczuk
  7. Late at Tate by PRS Foundation, 2015 © PRS Foundation
  8. London Winter Concert by WMP Creative, 2019 © WMP Creative
  9. The Little Prince by Studio Will Dutta, 2016 © Studio Will Dutta
  10. The Little Prince by Studio Will Dutta, 2016 © Studio Will Dutta
Musicians playing to a crowd
Women playing the drums and flinging her hair around
Close up of female singer on stage
Lady in white dress singing on stage with an orchestra all around her
Hugh Grant with a microphone

bloom is a studio album project by Will Dutta. Launched in October 2017, the album heralded a new approach to the format: many-shaped, open-ended and evolving.

The beating heart of bloom is the record that features collaborations with electronic legends Plaid, Friendly Fires frontman Ed Macfarlane and composer Max de Wardener. Out of this comes a live show devised by the award-winning creative agency Treatment Studio, and described by audiences as ‘hypnotic’, ‘compelling’ and ‘engulfing’.

Explore the essential ideas, research and context as the work grows at

Interact. Remix. And listen again.

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Three of the most performed viola sonatas in the repertoire were created in the same year, 1919.

To celebrate the centennial, violist Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti initiated The 20/19 Project to support the creation of three new viola sonatas by composers Andrew Norman, Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Scott Wollschleger, as well as recordings of, publications about, and educational resources for the works.

We supported Anne in bringing these unique and compelling new pieces to our corner of East Kent for their first performance in the UK.

A series of supporting events rooted them in the moment: the UK premiere at Turner Contemporary was given context by a public programme offering everything from life drawing from an open rehearsal to a talk with a former Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse.

The resulting artistic creation includes a set of short films by composer Ana Quiroga and filmmaker Pedro Maia, and a concert presentation that features intimate playback and outstanding performance of viola music.

Our limited-edition book captures this sweeping production in full.

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Download the digital booklet here

The 20/19 Project is supported by

The 20/19 Project Trailer (2019)

Every day we generate two and a half quintillion bytes of data, a number with 12 zeros on the end. Every day we take three billion photographs. Every day 500 million people use the story feature on Instagram. Are we witnessing a storytelling epidemic? Is this the new decadence?

Using an assemblage of objects and recollections, curator, writer and dance artist Roshanara Adams presents her origin story as the starting point for an immersive audio-visual experience that explores decadence in the context of the attention industry.

pleasure gardens is our current work in development and by far our most ambitious production to date. We’ve brought together outstanding creators across disciplines, including composers Mark Fell and Plaid, choreographer Aishwarya Raut and Treatment Studio, to help realise our vision.

Come with us on the journey and immersive yourself fully in the production by reading our new translation of The Garden of Knowledge by Leopold Andrian, first published in 1895, and now available as a hand-finished limited edition (Winner of the British Association of Decadence Studies Translation Prize 2022). The installation has its foundations in this extraordinary short story.

Then experience our single room of wonder, Roshanarar bagan: an autobiographical exhibition of decadence, at Austrian Cultural Forum London between 23 February–31 March 2023.

The full multiroom site specific installation lands in 2025 unless we get James Cameron about it.

pleasure gardens


The Curating Composer is a workflow, a teaching resource, a research project, designed to help you learn something new and move you to do it.

For music creators and recreators, the contemporary contexts of the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests necessitate a radical reappraisal of who gets to make culture and mediate cultural production. In just 20 years rapid technological change has shattered professional infrastructure and at the same time we are now facing up to the astonishing scale of digital culture.

The Curating Composer will see you develop your aesthetic leadership and entrepreneurial skills as you contribute towards a new manual for the self-producing artist.

To register your interest in this new programme please subscribe to our newsletter. Read the first cut of chapter one below.

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Download the research paper here

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